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What is my approach? 

When I give a Shiatsu massage, I put myself at the disposal of the person receiving it. 

I pay particular attention to identifying the needs and requests of the person before starting. 

When the massage begins, I make sure of the patient's comfort as well as my own comfort and posture. 

I am present to my breath and start a rhythm similar to active meditation in order to offer full presence to the person. If necessary we step into a dialogue, otherwise I respect the times of silence. 

My intention is to offer a massage with consideration and help the person feel confident enough to receive the best from it.

Massage shiatsu, relaxation et détente
Shiatsu familliale, équilibre dans le corps

What is Shiatsu? 

Shiatsu is a Japanese practice based on Do-In and Indian Yoga. 

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, this massage aims to rebalance vital energy in the body. 

It is a massage technique that is done with the use of pressure of the fingers on the energy lines and reflex zones, as well as the manipulation of joints and stretching. 

The goal is to bring balance back into the body and thereby promote health.  

How does a shiatsu massage session take place? 

I bring the necessary equipment, the massage is done on mats on the ground. The client is dressed in comfortable clothing. 

Before the session, we take a moment to discuss the needs, expectations and important things to specify for the person in order to target the areas to be massaged.

The massage takes place for one hour and is done by the use of pressure of the thumbs on the energy lines, and by the manipulation of joints and stretching. 

A time after for exchange is set out at the end of the massage.

Shiatsu for whom? 

Shiatsu is suitable for all types of people, without any restrictions. 

Shiatsu can be performed on a pregnant woman, with adaptation of the practice. 

The exchange before the session allows us to target the sensitive areas, the areas to avoid, and allows me to adapt the massage according to your needs.  


Are there any contraindications to shiatsu massage? 

There are some rare but real contraindications in case of advanced cancer. Shiatsu develops the circulation of energy and can suddenly help develop the proliferation of cancer cells.

Shiatsu for what? 

Shiatsu will initially allow you to reconnect with your body, to feel your areas of tension and to allow an overall relaxation of the body. 

By allowing yourself to receive a massage with openness, you offer yourself a moment of relaxation. 

Stress decreases, muscles can become more flexible and the skeleton can relax, energy flows and blood circulation are activated. 

Shiatsu can help sleep, daily fatigue, soothe certain tensions, and calm the nervous system. 

The list is not exhaustive.

What are my qualifications ? 

I studied the art of Shiatsu massage in order to offer a moment of relaxation to anyone wishing to reach a deeply relaxed state. 

In Lyon I learned the different Shiatsu massage protocols from Luc Nermel (

Duration: 1 hour 

Price: 60 euros 

I offer Shiatsu massages at home.

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