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About me

Yoga Alliance®️ Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, I offer online, individual and group yoga classes.

Classes are in French and English.

Yoga class with Laure Durand

My journey

Yoga has always been in my life. Born into a family where it was practiced, from an early age I became aware of the breath connecting the body and the spirit. I was introduced to Egyptian yoga at the age of 7 and I still continue to practice and learn this discipline.

In 2012, I obtained my master's degree in international trade. During the 7 years I worked in France, Germany, Spain and the United States, the constant has always been yoga.


In 2019, I took the time to reconsider my priorities and spent time exploring different yoga disciplines and also developed a passion for slacklining and highlining (a stretched line between two trees or two mountains that one crosses in balance). Thanks to this, I quickly realized the value of yoga on and off the mat and was able to directly apply the learnings of yoga: breath control, concentration, upright posture and balance.

Following the lockdown of 2020, I made the decision to devote myself fully to yoga and to offer a multidisciplinary practice (through treatments and massages) to help and accompany everyone to connect to their body and their inner self.

Hatha yoga

Teaching yoga and sharing it with you feeds me today since I was raised with this amazing practice, which has supported me every day of my life!

I had the opportunity to learn from and be influenced by a variety of people. Especially:

Yogi Babacar Khane, Egyptian Yoga

Jaques Makanjuola Vieyra, Egyptian Yoga Souma Tawy

Fabienne Durand, Egyptian Yoga

Khristophe Lanier, Natha yoga

Micheline Flak, Yoga Nidra

Yoga training

My references


Yoga testimonial

Christina Z. / Germany

"I had my first Breema treatment with Laure and it was a great experience. Laure is a warm, calm and empathetic person, after her massage which she combined with the sound of Tibetian bowls I felt so relaxed.
I highly recommend her massage. It is a great way to become at peace and create harmony."

Yoga testimonial

Lena V. / Belgium

"I highly recommend a yoga class with Laure. She has the skill to create an atmosphere that brings instant calmth and connection to oneself.
Her soft and well- intended presence makes me feel free and at ease while she guides us in the yoga postures. You can feel that she has been doing yoga for a longtime. She knows how it is to be a yoga pupil and stimulates that we listen and respect our bodies and their limits."

Yoga testimonial

Mirela T. / Greece

"Having practised yoga for several years, I found in Laure the warmth and empathy that I've been looking for in a yoga teacher. Laure has been practising yoga since she was a child and that has instilled her with modesty and sincereness which are fundamental to yoga. I definitely recommend her for a fullfilling yoga experience."

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