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Personal orientation: connection with your breath and your body

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Importance of reconnection with your natural breath and your body by using various breathing techniques.

Breathing techniques, yoga posture

Do you sometimes feel like you're suffocating? Like chaotic thoughts are keeping you from a deep full breath? Running around all of the time but never feeling like you’ve accomplished enough? Not feeling clear on your next step?

Stress became a daily status for too many people.

The practice of yoga will help you take a moment dedicated to yourself. You will offer yourself a break by taking the time to stretch your body, move muscles that you hardly ever use, massage your internal organs with the help of breathing exercises, pay attention to your feelings while reconnecting with your body.

Breathing is a natural act. Our life started with an inhalation and will end with an exhalation. We breath without even realizing it yet often we don't know how to breathe properly.

Throughout my yoga classes I invite you to relearn how to breathe correctly and consciously. It is the most valuable tool that you can attribute to yourself. Knowing how to breathe helps to calm the body, mind and emotions. It helps us connect with oneself and with life.

By practicing yoga, through the stretching of the body, and enjoying the timeto feel what is happening after a posture or a movement. We learn to reconnect to our body sensations. We bring the brain's attention to the inside of the body and not the outside anymore.

When you focus on the sensations in your body, your brain has less space to overthink. This is a good way to calm down "the crazy little monkey", the never ending stream of thoughts, we all have in our head.

The simplest things in life are the most powerful. When you are aware of your breath and in tune to what is happening inside your body, you will immediately reduce your stress level creating more space for connection and clarity in your life.

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