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Soins thérapeutiques Laure Durand

Other treatments

Including: Shiatsu Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Access Bars Treatment

During my career, in addition to yoga, I have enriched myself with many well-being techniques, which today allow me to offer individual sessions of different techniques, at home.

I have been training continuously for 3 years, in the art of BreemaⓇ , a bodywork (a cross between partner yoga and Thai massage).

This technique brings calm, deep relaxation in a non-judgmental, caring and intuitive accompaniment.

 I am also training in Shiatsu massage, with Luc Nermel ( in Lyon). It is a Japanese practice based on Do-In and Indian Yoga. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, this massage aims to rebalance the vital energy in the body.

I am also an Access BarsⓇ practitioner, after having trained with Victorine Guéridon ( Access Consciousness) I offer complete sessions to help release the mind and the limitations that we impose on ourselves.

I enhance my treatments with various techniques, such as Reiki (I trained in Usui and Tibetan Reiki with Jacqueline Bondi and Isabelle André ( OMIKAO Training Center, Lyon) or the art of sound and vibration massage with the Tibetan bowl, (which I learned from Manny David - Equit Zen , Gunsbach).

All these practices are offered at home, on the ground, the person remains dressed, and the session lasts 1 hour.


The shiatsu massage is done by the pressure of the fingers on the meridians and reflex zones, as well as a manipulation of joints and stretching.

The goal is to restore balance in the body and to promote health.

The patient remains dressed on the floor.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 60€


Complete BreemaⓇ session which is a form of bodywork (between partner yoga and Thai massage).


This technique allows relaxation, deep relaxation and is based on 'The 9 Principles of Harmony'. The patient remains dressed on the floor.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 60€

Access Bars® treatment

Complete treatment session using the Access BarsⓇ technique. Access Bars is a gentle modality that involves activating energy bars through and around the head.

This allows you to release and deprogram thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs related to the activated domains.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 60€

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